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Xin Rui
08 December 2015 @ 01:54 am
Yep, basically it just means 'I'm back!' HAHAHA.

Tbh my major final exams ended a month ago, somehow huehue. Waiting for my hair to dry, typing this entry late in the night and I'm not sure why, the feeling of melancholy just strikes me. My selection of music is like, sad ballads eeps. BUT I'M ACTUALLY NEUTRAL.

Talking about my life so far, it's just sleep, eat and a little bit of exercise and the cycle repeats. :( As what I sort of expected of the life after exams, it's pretty normal and boring. It's like suddenly, I lost my direction for a while when I'd spent my 13 plus years studying and suddenly, boom, I actually put down my books and pens, period. Whew, it's like a heavy stone had been lifted off my shoulders, but at the same time, you just feel... empty? Contradicting much but yeah.

Contemplated about my route, what am I planning to do after my exams, regardless of my results (which in the worst case scenario, be really bad.) But, one thing for sure, I know that I tried my best, and I hope I didn't let myself down.

Putting aside the negative things, I really can't wait to start work. Yup, you heard that right - I must be crazy. But it's not that I'm excited for work or anything (who would be?), it's just that I'm financially strapped and I need MONEY sobs. The thing is, my work pass is not done yet and I really hope I'll be able to work by next week. The need to earn my keep and some allowance yknow. Sighpie, I guess that's all for now. Until later, ciaoooooooooooo.
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Xin Rui
15 September 2015 @ 01:32 am
Didn't expect myself to write about it, but it's just disappointing and heartbreaking, that I can't stand up for my mum. I mean, I don't want to interfere myself with my parents' affairs, but this is also regarding one of my younger sisters, and to the point that I kept my cool until now, it's a job well done lol.

And so, I suddenly cried because of the things that happened just now, and it's a looooooong story.

Lucky for my second-to-me sister to talk about it, and I feel much better after talking (and crying) while whatsapping her about what happened, even though she's at a chalet right now.

This matter didn't involve me that much, but it's just disappointing to an extent because, well, a certain family member's actions.

Until then, ciao.
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Xin Rui
31 July 2015 @ 11:55 pm
It's finally tgif but I don't feel it at all to be honest, when it's 95 days to A's... seriously. This week had been damn tiring with consultations and not to mention the weekly tutorials which may last to 1.5 hours at times and made my brain go kaboomz.
Well there's not much of a choice to me and it's too late to regret now, so why not I just put in my best and see how it goes.

But sometimes it's better said than done.

Putting away the troubling matters at side first, so yeap went to eat with moi friends after studying in school for a while, and I reaaaaallllyy wanna eat patbingsoo (a korean dessert) but after dinner and all that, we missed the chance to eat them and well I guess it's fate that I can't eat it today, :( But kind of had a fun day today with the two babos with us (you know who you are) and it totally provided entertaintment to us manz. ;)

Am going to try next week and it's a week to look out for since it's a 4-day holiday next week! In lieu of SG50 of course keke. But still, it's time to use the break to settle more stuff and tie up the ends and START REVISING.

Ironically, I'm here drinking milo and typing and it's such a rainy evening. ;)
Such peaceful moments.

Well, I guess I'm gonna go on a 3-4 month hiatus, and I swear it's gonna be the party of my life~ after the major exams.

Until then, ciaoooooooooooooooooo.
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Xin Rui
FML Big Bang was damn funny in their variety shows that I think I'm falling for them noooooooooo. I mean it's not a bad thing to like BB. Like hello, fandoming over the Gods and the Kings of Kpop (aka DBSK and Big Bang respectively) is like whew "JACKPOT" legit. *creys* And Big Bang was doing their MADE tour in Singapore yesterday and today, and even previously when I'm not one to fangirl over BB (but I really admire their talents), I told myself if I got the money, Big Bang's concert is A MUST GO, other than DBSK and JYJ's concert of course.

And I swear Big Bang was fucking talented, and the 5 of them are the next in line to Dongbang oppas, for me. <3
That's why I say, fangirling over the Gods and the Kings of Kpop are worthwhile LIKE eargasm all day er day.

Of course, studies come first, and I shall keep my hidden love for BB until my final exams are over. And when that day comes, I'll be like all day fangirling over Dongbang and BB lulll.

And not to mention Yun is going to enlist this Tues... ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

But nevertheless, I'm going to wait patiently for the five of them to enlist and end their military service, and of course, Cassiopeias are good at waiting. ;)

Until next timez, ciao.

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Xin Rui

Holy crap, and yep the war between Doflamingo and Luffy+Law finally ended after like 6 months whew.

And I really can't help falling in love with Sabo and Law omigosh, they have this aura of falling headfast into them which I don't even get why and how?!

Can't wait for the next chapter to be out, and I simply love the Luffy-Law alliance. Especially when Law is my totally hot fave rn. *v*

And ohmygoddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.


Holy fuck I'm happy and sad at the same time, happy that for now Jae, Yun, Yooch and Min are going into army this year, and that means a shorter time waiting for them to be more complete, whether as JYJ or TVXQ, and not forgetting Junsu is going to enlist next year!

Now I hope that Junsu will enlist earlier and omg can you imagine, hopefully one or two of them meet each other in the camp?! LUL I mean it's a probability right hoho.

And of course, I'm always keeping the faith. I mean life is all about boundless possibilities isn't it? ;)

Back to OP again,

I'm totally missing the three of them. :(
And of course, one of my heartthrobs,

Why did he have to die, Oda?! :(((

Fuck, and Yunho is fucking gorgeousss?!?!

His hair holymama.

Alright, I think I have to staph spazzing. This is like a mixture of OP and dongbang hehehe, can't blame me for them being hot real or virtual.

Ciao, and until next time!
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Xin Rui
05 July 2015 @ 04:26 pm
Missing Jae be like... sobs?!

Back again, and saw updates from other people's instagram and that they saw Jj donning his military uniform! Didn't realise that I could have missed him so much, even though I thought I would be okay with them serving their nation (as per the system of serving the National Service in my country exists too), but when I saw him, I was like,

I'm so glad and grateful that you're living fine.

And seeing his smiles again are so comforting, and Jae got promoted to First Class Private too! *feeling so proud*

Look at him awwwwwws. <3
I love the smile he's wearing when he was helping with something (idk what but well).

Time flies and it had been three months since Jae enlisted into the army. And another year and a half to go!

Looking great as always muahahahaha!

I shall staph spazzing and I'll be keeping you in my kokoro dear Jae. ;)

Alright ciao and I'll shall come back later hehe. (Somehow I wanna write something else but I forgot oops.)
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Xin Rui
Whew, realised that I should get my lj up and running again whenever I have the time!

Today just marked the last day of my midterms, and I'm at one point, know I'm gonna do badly for this, despite studying for it and somehow disappointed in myself for last minute studying again.

Human nature, breeds laziness isn't it.

Although it's like, about 4 months to my final major A's, I'm really getting worn out and sometimes, I really wonder and ask myself,

"Am I doing my best?"
"Am I really putting in my best effort?"

You know the feeling of, like you know that you have to do something about it, but in the end you just don't.
I'm getting tired with this kind of me, and to be honest I can't really pen down my thoughts coherently now as they are all jumbled up in my head, fighting for release (in this entry, of course LUL.)

And the fact that you have tuition and you still did badly.


I'm getting tired of living like this, studying like this. Why do I feel that I'm just doing what I needed to do, and not what I wanted to do? I mean, I like learning new things, but when it comes to application of the materials learnt to essays or case studies or problems sums, why do I find it difficult to do them?

"Lack of practice, it must be."

And the harsh reality that I don't do anything about it, and even if I do, it's always last minute. Always.

When will I really learn my lesson, and start doing shit and clearing all of my shit scattered all over the place... (._.)

Aren't all the lessons that I'd experienced not enough for me? I need to see the light somehow, in order to guide myself to the end of the tunnel, and of course seeing what I wanted to see at the end of it.

That should be your main objective girl.

I guess so, and it's time to start again, and pick myself up, piece by piece.
I'm going to follow my priority list, and do whatever I can, to avoid feeling like what I felt for this midterms week.

Yes, I'm so going to get this fucking piece of shit over and done with, and give it the best screw that I can.

Sounded wrong, but well the meaning is there.

"I won't allow myself to regret anything at all at the end of my journey, as I have given my best shot and come out as a stronger, braver person."

That's what I want.
Yes, it is what I want and I will achieve it.
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Xin Rui
08 February 2015 @ 06:51 pm
Well, guess I'm unconsciously on hiatus again teehee. Doing my work now, and felt bored and decided to post again. Well, had a busy year this year since it's my graduating year, but apart from the hecticness, I'm glad to have my friends around me to keep me going. To be honest, friends are my main energy pill such that I'm lucky to have survived in school haha.

And not to mention, it's the tigers' nightout yesterday again wooooo! Missing the other 5 tigers though, but hopefully we'll be full strength sooooooon! <3

And the past week was enrichment week, with e-learning days, CCA discovery day, but for METRO presenters we went to present in other schools instead haha. It was really an enriching learning journey to be honest. :)

Well, that's all for now I guess. Next next week is gonna be CNY, and I don't really have the feels for it when homework comes to mind zzz. Still, I shall hope for the best (?)

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Xin Rui
25 July 2014 @ 10:28 pm
Whew, didn't post for about a month I guess? Things got a little busy nowadays, with the collection of exam papers (and results), and going through papers and so on... Still, there are several interesting school events like Racial Harmony Day, where we go for the good food yum yum. :D

Wore a Malay costume to partake in the event though, and yes it was so warm, so so warm. And the day was especially warm too omg.

But still, I enjoyed the day too, and it was a short day too! Except for the cca part though. :(

Screw cca.

Hehehehehehehehe. Took a lot of pictures too! But I'm lazy to put them up soooooo... ^^

And today, the dreaded PTC came. And tbh, it's useless though. Especially when I'm seeing a teacher who never taught me, and a teacher who taught Chinese which I didn't even take it in my two years of college. But the teacher was nice though, and mum and I were somehow joking at times.

We're cute right hehehehe!

Not gonna talk about results yeap, but instead...
Damn, it's JYJ 'BACKSEAT' comeback!

I'm too hyped up!!! Too much omg, and the teaser goodness gracious. Sexy ttfm awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Pre-ordered the album yessss, and I'm soooo eggcited for it hehehe <3 It's a freaking legendary comeback after 3 looooooooooooong years. <3

4 more days.

4 more long days to their mv release omgggggggggggggggggggg. ;;;;; I've been waiting for this for ages. :(

29 July, please come soon. Pretty please with a JYJ+TVXQ on top! <3


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Xin Rui
Yeap, and two papers in one day proved to be NO JOKE.


Like really and seriously and yeah. :( But still, part of me is glad that two of my main papers are cleared in a day and finally I got it done and over with. Well, there's still one more paper this Friday though. :( And I guess I got to start my revision sooooooon!

Can't wait to get the week over and done with. For results, well, I guess I'd just go with the flow hur. Anyway, what's done is done. Sighpie.

Oh yeah, and I'm damn fired up and frustrated at the Korean media industry that I don't give a fuck anymore. And so Incheon Games, which have JYJ as ambassadors, decided not to have JYJ at the Incheon Games 2014 Concert.

Wtf? They are ambassadors for a reason, goodness gracious. Oh my god, the Korean media is damn fucking fucked up and I don't give a shit about them anymore. Well, guess I should wait for their album release in late July, and with their concert tickets being sold out, I'M DAMN HAPPY for them hehehehe! <3

A short entry for today I think, hehe ciao!
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